Unlimited and Affordable

All the Capacity and Retention You Need

Older approaches to archiving, like tape and optical disks, are falling out of favor. Tapes are subject to so-called “bit rot” — unreliable. Archives are useless if the physical media gets destroyed in a disaster, yet shipping them to secure, offsite data storage facilities via courier is very costly. In response to this the nScaled solution has been specifically optimized for the incremental backup and long-term offsite storage of your most business-critical data. Smart businesses need more than just “hard drives in the cloud.” That’s why nScaled is trusted by law firms, venture capital firms and others worldwide.

Gartner is seeing an increasing number of RaaS deployments whose scope includes hundreds of virtual machines and tens of terabytes of associated production data storage. – Gartner, April 2, 2013


  • WORM protection (Write Once, Read Many)
  • RAID 60 redundancy and 20:1 compression
  • Customizable retention and optimized I/O
  • Block level de-duplication
  • High-speed drives


  • Seamless integration with backup and DR
  • Robust syncing, organizing and recovery supports
  • Tailored storage systems for lowest-possible cost
  • High IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second)
  • Scalable data capacity and retention

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