Offsite / Remote Backup Solutions

From File-Level Backups to Full Infrastructure Virtualization

Today’s global, 24-7 business reality has no time for “backup windows” anymore. With our platform you can get constant backups of files, folders, servers and more. Plus, the elasticity of our model lets you pay as you go. With nScaled, keeping costs controlled means you don’t need to settle for fewer or less complete backups anymore. Just choose the level and scope of data protection that fits wherever your business-critical requirements fall today, and grow it as your needs grow.

Through provider-supplied software agents or appliances, organizations can replicate business data and virtual workloads to a cloud environment as a primary point of execution or as a backup for on-premises systems. – Gartner, April 2, 2013

With nScaled you can backup centrally and restore anywhere. What also sets us apart is our deep expertise in providing online backup and disaster recovery for a huge variety of IT environments including Exchange 2010 & 2007, SQL Server 2008, Sharepoint 2010 & 2007 as well as a variety of other enterprise application servers. From file level backup and recovery of unstructured data to complete solutions including multi-tier application protection, our tailored implementations create the most reliable, secure online backup possible.

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