Killing Off Cost and Complexity

Redundancy for Data, Not Hardware

nScaled lets companies replace limited or out-dated backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and archiving solutions with a single, integrated platform. For firms with very low tolerance for data and business-critical systems unavailability, where other vendors provide less comprehensive business continuity or just throw people and hardware at the problem, we roll differently. Our model provides complete data infrastructure virtualization and protection. Data and workloads can migrate in either direction. This gives flexibility over where to run applications, where to backup and where to failover.

What We Protect

  • Applications, Configurations and Data
  • Databases and Operating Systems
  • Servers (Physical and Virtual)
  • Other Assets (Files, Folders)

How We Do It

Phase One: 5-minute Recoverability
Local Recovery: Original data gets copied and stored in your data center(s) once LAN-equipped with a nScaled Local (Cloud) Appliance (LCA), creating your local cloud.
Phase Two: 2-Hour Recoverability
Remote Recovery: All original data gets copied and stored in our Data Centers; the remote cloud from which your whole data center(s) can be recovered via secure connection like VPN or MPLS.
Phase Three: 10-Year Archiving
Long-Term Storage: In the remote cloud, Archiving includes all data as copied on a weekly basis.
With the Admin Console (and API if you need it), you control all of it — from your destinations for backups, failovers and failbacks to your snapshot intervals and more.

We never see your data, but we do back you up with our Client Services team to help you ensure smooth recoveries when disasters strike.

DRaaS with nScaled

DRaaS for NetApp

The nScaled Difference

Running VMware? With nScaled, you get VMware virtualization on the backend. Comparatively, some other providers running on Oracle or Hyper-V can’t support fully automated fail-overs in event of disaster declarations from VMware clients. Instead, they need to go through manual conversion processes — adding time and money that clients foot the bill for.

Want to Walk Before You Run?

No problem. When you become an nScaled client you can start small or go big. To firms who prefer to take an incremental approach to building out disaster recovery capabilities, we offer a starter, File Recovery edition product. It’s an easy, flexible and affordable way to take the first step on the path toward potentially full, automated business continuity. Setup is simple, and kicks off with a simple download of our Cloud Hub virtual appliance which can run on any host running VMWare ESX. These entry-level configurations are typically a great way to get up and running within mere weeks.