Nobody Likes That Guy…

and nobody wants to be that guy. Not in that moment, anyway. You know the guy. The guy who, when an avoidable business interruption of whatever size or duration has happened, says “I don’t want to say I warned us, but…”

We’re here to help ensure you’ll never potentially need to be that guy.

…cloud-based recovery is that ability to actually recover at the providers’ location using their cloud assets. Just copying data there is not true recovery. – Forrester, March 22, 2013

nScaled provides Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS/RaaS) to mid-size organizations and enterprises worldwide. We provide an all-in-one solution for disaster recovery, backup and data storage to companies who demand extremely low tolerance for data loss, downtime or sub par risk mitigation.


EHR adoption continues per stricter HIPAA/HITECH criteria in 2015. PHI security and recovery needs compound.

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Banking & Finance

Meeting SEC/NASD, FINRA, GLBA, FDIC and MSRB needs of creditors, broker-dealers, advisors and more.

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SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II certification and analytics. Full, easily reportable data protection for any Sec. 404 SOX audits.

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Safeguarding and ensuring total recoverability of electronic records per Mass 201 CMR 17 mandates and more.

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SLAs made for communications service providers for whom constant network uptime is a competitive advantage.

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Maximizing e-Commerce uptime for customers. Effective incident response capabilities per PCI DSS requirements.

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Data protection and operational integrity for mission-critical applications like reservation and booking systems.

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What We Provide

If your company is like our customers, you’ve realized that it’s not practical to keep doing non-core IT activities yourself. Companies of all sizes are turning to third-party services to handle their data protection and recovery needs.

Today’s global, 24-7 business reality has no time for “backup windows” anymore. On our platform you’ll get constant backups of files, folders, servers and more. With nScaled, keeping costs controlled means you don’t need to settle for fewer or less complete backups anymore. Just choose the level and scope of data protection that fits wherever your business-critical requirements fall today, and grow it as your needs grow.
For companies who have extremely low tolerance for data and business-critical systems unavailability, our flexible model provides complete data infrastructure virtualization and protection. We provide full protection configurations that cover applications, databases, operating systems, physical as well as virtual servers and more. We also offer entry-level; file-level backup and recovery for firms building out DR incrementally.
Smart businesses need more than just “hard drives in the cloud.” The nScaled solution has been specifically optimized for the incremental backup and long-term offsite storage of your most business-critical data. Get seamless integration with backup and disaster recovery, robust syncing, organizing and recovery supports, tailored storage systems for lowest-possible cost, and scalable data capacity and retention.

Why Choose Us?

  • Rapid data recovery capabilities meet aggressive, top-tier RTO / RPO
  • Complete, end-to-end solution; full data infrastructure virtualization
  • Service levels, legal agreements and professional liability insurance
  • Online backup, disaster recovery and storage for all budgets
  • Highly secure, SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II environment

Client Testimonials

Our management team knows it needs a technical continuity strategy that actually works. nScaled works, for both the IT team and the law firm as whole.
Shawn Hill, HunterMaclean
With nScaled, we have zero downtime for email and mobile email during IT maintenance.
Jeff Stieglitz, BrightSource Energy
A power outage then spike took out phones, 2 ups, several servers. 5 minutes: I had the machine up virtually. I'm hearing the system's running faster now... on nScaled. Amazing.
Robert Haslip, W.M. Jordan Company
Disaster Recovery, backup and high availability.
Matthew Beland, Davis Wright Temaine
I've seen so many companies that document a recovery plan or continuity strategy, but very few go through the process of testing. I was very impressed with the results.
Shawn Hill, HunterMaclean
Much more flexible than our previous setup.
Lance Rea, Davis and Gilbert
nScaled is an 'out of box' product, yet highly scalable for our needs.
Michael Traski, Benchmark Capital
Our goal was to centrally manage all data backup, storage and continuity. nScaled helps us accomplish this without a lot of extra training or relying on outside experts.
Jeff Stieglitz, BrightSource Energy
I was very excited coming out of this test. With nScaled, we could have had the firm back up and running in 3 hours after we declared the disaster.
Shawn Hill, HunterMaclean
This is the first time we've had a fully usable disaster recovery environment.
Dave Benton, Austin Ventures
I was focusing on implementing an affordable solution that reduces complexity and paves the road to a next-generation IT infrastructure.
Michael Traski, Benchmark Capital
nScaled was the right solution at the right time.
Lance Rea, Davis and Gilbert
Nobody in our group would go back to the previous method of backup and replication.
Terry Pressley, Leonard, Street and Deinard
nScaled works so smoothly. We had the entire system up and running in nScaled's facility within 3 hours. It simply worked.
Shawn Hill, HunterMaclean
Our ability to keep systems up and running during maintenance or building test environments before deploying new services means all employees can always access key systems.
Jeff Stieglitz, BrightSource Energy
With the flip of the switch (Vector Capital) can have their most critical servers up online with access to those resources in a matter of minutes.
Winston Freyre, EveryNetwork
It is an economically sound solution built on a robust platform and provides a one-stop shop for DR, HA and backup for both for our data and for our applications.
Michael Traski, Benchmark Capital